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Episode 01: Oscar! The Destiny of the Rose
Episode 02: Fly! An Austrian Butterfly
Episode 03: A Spark in Versailles
Episode 04: A Rose, Wine and Conspiracy
Episode 05: Tears with Dignity
Episode 06: A Silk Dress and a Rugged Dress
Episode 07: Who Wrote the Love Letter?
Episode 08: Oscar in My Heart
Episode 09: The Sun Sets, The Sun Rises
Episode 10: A Beautiful Devil, Jeanne
Episode 11: Fersen Departs for the Northland
Episode 12: Oscar at the Duel at Dawn
Episode 13: The Wind of Arras, Please Respond!
Episode 14: The Secret of the Angel
Episode 15: The Countess of Casino
Episode 16: Mother, Her Name is ...?
Episode 17: Now the Time of Encounter
Episode 18: Suddenly, Like Icarus
Episode 19: Farewell, My Sister
Episode 20: Fersen, a Farewell Rondeau
Episode 21: The Black Rose Blooms at Night
Episode 22: The Necklaces Shines Ominously
Episode 23: Cunning and Tough
Episode 24: Adieu, My Youth
Episode 25: A Minuet of Unrequited Love
Episode 26: I Want to See the Black Knight
Episode 27: Even if I Lose the Light
Episode 28: Andre, A Green Lemon
Episode 29: A Marionette Starting to Walk
Episode 30: You're the Light, I'm the Shadow
Episode 31: A Lilac Blooming in the Barracks
Episode 32: The Prelude to the Storm
Episode 33: A Funeral Bell Tolls in the Twilight
Episode 34: Now 'The Tennis Court Oath'
Episode 35: Oscar, Now is the Time to Flee the Nest
Episode 36: The Watchword is "Au Revoir"
Episode 37: On the Night Passionate Vows
Episode 38: In Front of the Door of Destiny
Episode 39: His Smile is Forever Gone
Episode 40: Adieu, My Beloved Oscar

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